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"My problem is that I have
spent most of this horrible
existence torturing myself
and now I can’t find a way
to stop. My problem is that
I read things I know I should
not read and my problem is
that I’m always looking for
new ways to hurt myself
so much I can feel it in my
bones. My problem is that I
pretend not to hear everything
inside of me slowly shatter
like a car crash in slow
motion and my problem is
that I’m never surprised
when I actually notice the
damage. My problem is that
I don’t care enough to fix
myself and I know that you
don’t either."
- wtm, my problem  (via pukedesu)

(via notodosalecomoquieres)

THE CHILD KILLER WHO DRESSED LIKE A WOMEN [sic] - A short story by "BTK Killer" Dennis Rader



(Taken from Inside the Mind of BTK by John Douglas. Douglas paraphrased some of the story, so I’ll summarize what he has written of the parts that aren’t word-for-word.)

It goes without saying that this story is violent and sexually graphic, and depicts the…

De mis favoritas <3 :3

De mis favoritas <3 :3

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